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ERA is a network of Procurement Experts operating in the UK and globally, enabling our clients to save money and boost business performance through effective procurement, improved supplier management and smarter spending habits.

Our experts look to build long-term relationships with medium to large enterprises, which go way beyond short-term gains to deliver objective analysis, informed market expertise and continued financial benefits.

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Rising Energy Costs in the Pipeline

The energy sector has, throughout this year, maintained its importance to the political agenda, with the parties continuing to debate the cost of the government’s energy and climate policies. While policy mechanisms intended to drive decarbonis...


BT to Buy O2

According to the latest press coverage, BT could formally announce this week that it is buying O2 from Telefonica. This would be a multi-billion pound deal and would see BT owning a business that it sold off more than a decade ago. However this is......


Three buying EE or O2

BT has made it clear that it wants to buy a mobile network and the owners of both O2 and EE have said that they are willing to sell. The BT strategy looked to be based on bidding the two off against each other to......

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